With the advancement in technology, we can definitely see a lot of changes in our day to day lives as well. Nowadays, without even intending, there are different technologies that we use on a daily basis. Be it a television, air conditioner, any other home appliance that is present in our house that runs on electricity, is a certain kind of technology. With technologies, it is for sure that one of the greater benefits that we have received is that the main efforts have been reduced a lot. There are now smart appliances available and with the help of a button you can turn these appliances on or off while sitting at a place. It is also true that at some point of time technology has made us a bit lazy, but if you look at the brighter side of it, there is still a lot more scope of getting into a technologically advanced place.

A glimpse on technologies in our daily lives

If we see in our day today life then there are certain emerging technologies that we can experience on a daily basis. These technologies would include artificial intelligence, robotics, automation, wireless connectivity, and more. If you speak about artificial intelligence, then it has been a great benefit for industries like healthcare and automobiles. With the help of artificial intelligence, humans have now developed robots as well who are now performing daily chores as well. So in many developed countries or in a few, people can have robots at their houses, hotels, or at their offices to perform small kinds of works. In addition to it, wireless connection and social media has given us the power to connect with people who are living millions of miles away from us. So in a way there has been a connection that is being created with the help of this technology. Now if you speak about automation, then this is something which we are also using a lot in our daily lives. Nowadays there are automated automobiles present Which do not require a human being to operate the vehicle. Moreover, we can see a drastic change and advancement in appliances such as refrigerators, televisions, laptops, desktops, and air-conditioners as well. Well at a certain point we can definitely say that this advancement in technology and new emerging technologies have brought in a lot of benefit for human and event for the planet as well at a certain point, however there are certain drawbacks of it as well.