Breast augmentation isĀ  an operation aimed at increasing the volume of the breasts. In breast augmentation, more than for any other cosmetic surgery procedure, careful pre-operative planning is essential which must take into account the patient’s wishes in terms of shape and volume and evaluate whether these are achievable on the basis of the initial anatomical situationĀ breast augmentation phuket

We can perform the operation with a surgical access that can be from the inframammary groove, from the areola, or from the axilla creating a pocket that can be retroglandular, retrofascial or retromuscular, using round or anatomical prostheses with various degrees of projection and cohesiveness, coated with silicone or polyurethane.

All these variables are chosen taking into account both the preoperative anatomical situation of the breasts and the patient’s wishes and must be carefully evaluated during the preliminary interviews.

Inframammary groove: it is the most anatomical, most natural access: it passes under the mammary gland, under the pectoral muscle fascia or under the pectoral muscle itself and not through them. It must be taken into account that at the end of the operation the mammary sulcus has moved downwards, for this reason today there are various algorithms which, by calculating the initial volumes, the desired volumes and the characteristics of the skin and tissues, allow placing the incision in the neo-groove with an approximation of half a centimeter at most.

Underarm cable: Access from the armpit is the most hidden, however, due to the large number of hair bulbs present, the scar can be of lower quality and therefore visible, especially in summer when sleeveless clothing is worn. Axillary access is also associated with a greater risk of malpositioning of the anatomical prostheses.

Hemiperiareolar: it is the access which, if correctly performed, tends to heal better, also because there are measures that can be taken starting from the third month, which lead to a natural pigmentation of the periareolar scar which therefore takes on the color of the areola itself.


Retroglandular: it is the most natural, most anatomical plane: theoretically, if it were possible, all prostheses would be housed directly behind the mammary gland, because it is the breast that we want to increase in volume and projection, not the muscle!