Who is a cowboy
If you ask the first comer “Who is a cowboy?”, Then in 99% of 100 you will hear a very short and firm answer: “A tough guy riding a horse,…

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Movie heroes and their prototypes: the Hollywood myth about cowboys turned out to be far from reality
Elements of a cowboy image: hat, scarf, plaid shirt The dashing heroes from American Westerns, scorching from two-handed colts, are nothing more than fiction, another Hollywood myth that significantly distorts…

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Cowboys and Wild West Indians
On the very hot day of June 12, the equally hot annual Wild Western Festival was held for the fifth time in the Mozhaisk District of the Moscow Region on…

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Gang jesse james

Jesse James was born on September 5, 1847 in County Clay, Missouri. He did not remember his father, Robert James. When the boy was two years old, gold was found in California, and Robert went on a long journey, hoping to get rich and bring his family there. But he, like many other gold prospectors, was killed by pneumonia. So his wife Zerelda Mimms was left alone with two young sons – Alexander Franklin [9] and Jesse. She was pregnant when her husband left, and a few months later gave birth to a daughter, whom she named Susanne.

It was hard for one to pull so many mouths, and soon she got married again, but the marriage did not work out. The third marriage, concluded by her in 1855, was successful. Doctor Ruben Samuels was a wealthy man and owned a huge estate. From this union, two more daughters and a son, Archie, born mentally retarded, were born. Ruben turned out to be a worthy husband and a good father. His estate flourished, black slaves helped the family with the household …

But soon, a quiet family life was broken. In April 1861, the Civil War broke out, and eighteen-year-old Frank [10] left to fight for the principles of the South. Fourteen-year-old Jesse was still too young to join him. Most likely he would have spent the whole war on the estate if the Yankees had not come to them once. Their goal was to burn the houses of those whose relatives fought on the side of the Confederates. Jesse, who tried to resist, was beaten half to death. After recovery, the young man saddled his horse and went in search of his older brother. Hatred of the Yankees was seething in him, he longed for revenge.

Arrows of the Wild West. Sheriffs, bandits, cowboys, gunfighters
Revolver, holster and Cole Yanger’s belt, taken from him in Madelia on September 21, 1876.

Jesse found Frank in the guerrilla unit of the Cointrill Riders, commanded by the self-proclaimed “colonel” William Clark Cointrill [11]. In the same unit, Cole and Jim Yangers, James’s cousins, fought.

The highest ranks of the Confederate army did not recognize the “Riders” as part of their army because of the extreme cruelty with which the detachment acted. “Riders” often dismembered the corpses of opponents, tore off scalps from them, which they hung from their saddles and bridles. It was the people of Cointrille who attacked the city of Lawrence in Kansas in August 1863, staging a real massacre there. They killed about one and a half hundred civilians and burned the city. Particularly atrocious division of Bloody Bill Anderson. Anderson himself was famous for never taking prisoners, and was a real arsenal – four revolvers on his belt, four guns on a horse, a saber, an ax and a bunch of pistols on a saddle horn. It was under his command that the brothers served.

Arrows of the Wild West. Sheriffs, bandits, cowboys, gunfighters
Skirmish during train robbery

Arrows of the Wild West. Sheriffs, bandits, cowboys, gunfighters
Missouri Governor Announces $ 5,000 Reward for Capturing Jesse James and His Brother Frank. 1881

With the end of the war, amnesty was promised to the Confederates who voluntarily surrendered, but instead of amnesty, Jesse received a bullet in his lungs and barely survived. For a long time he could not recover from this wound. Neither he nor his brothers Frank James and Youngers wanted to put up with the power of the South.

The story of the famous James Yangers gang began with the robbery of the Bank of the Savings Association in Liberty, Missouri, on February 13, 1866. It is believed that this raid was the first US bank robbery in the daytime, which is not entirely true [12]. This raid was the first after the war. The Yankees were the owners of the bank, and the robbers deprived them of $ 20,000 in coins, 14,000 in banknotes and 42,000 in bonds. The owners could not recover after such a blow, and the bank went bankrupt. There is no doubt that Liberty – the nest of hated Yankees – was chosen by raiders not by chance.

Arrows of the Wild West. Sheriffs, bandits, cowboys, gunfighters
Jesse James Gang Hood. E. Thomas

To this day, the number and identities of all the bandits are not exactly known. Among them, of course, were Frank James and Cole Younger, but there has been much debate about Jesse. Some historians claim that he took part in the robbery, while others insist that he only helped to plan it. But Jesse physically could not be in Liberty, because by that time he had not yet recovered from his injury. In February 1866, he was still too weak.

Arrows of the Wild West. Sheriffs, bandits, cowboys, gunfighters
Jackson County Prison, Kansas. In the last chamber on the left in 1882, Frank James spent the last 6 months in prison

The robbers managed to fulfill their plan, but at the same time an innocent young man was killed. Later, there were legends that Jesse sent money to his family. The sister of the murdered youth later indignantly rejected these rumors: “He never offered us a single dollar. And besides, my relatives were Christians and would never have taken the money obtained by robberies and murders. “

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