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Cowboy - President
Cinema has become the fault of another stable stereotype - “all cowboys are white.” After the abolition of slavery in the US in 1865, a large number of blacks turned…

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Arrows of the Wild West
A senseless, brutal attack shocked America. The newspaper men attacked the Pinkerton, calling them child killers, monsters in the guise of a man, attacking defenseless women. Allan Pinkerton dodged, as…

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Last cowboys

Cowboy culture was born in the 1800s and, thanks to its isolation, has become a completely unique, distinctive culture. Hawaiian cowboys have their own music, rituals and language. Recent years have become very difficult for cowboys – taxes are rising, electricity prices are rising, the climate is changing. Land for sale, large ranches fighting for existence. Horses are forced out by mechanics, and riders disappear with them. There are few cowboys left, but they faithfully keep their traditions.

Last cowboys

1. North Kohala. For the 4th generation of the Hoopai family, they are becoming cowboys. Now Bernard is driving the calves into the pasture, wearing a hat decorated with a floral wreath.

2. Girls were born and raised on a ranch, they are sitting with diapers in the saddle. Their father works as a cowboy at the same ranch.

3. Wayne Tachera works and lives on the Kahua ranch. For workers provided free housing, electricity and water, communications, but salary is low

4. At the local veterinarian, the harness and cowboy shoes occupy the walls of the cabinet. He constantly uses cattle on the ranch and helps maintain cowboy traditions and history.

5. Branding calves – a laborious operation. But although a lot of people are going to the ranch at this time, each has his own clearly defined task.

6. Wayne Tachera works on North Kohala at the Kahua Ranch. He himself began to teach cowboy and his daughters how to ride horses as soon as they were able to walk. He put the eldest girl in the saddle a year and tied it with a rope there for a month.

7. At Parker Ranch, Keiki Rodeo Rodeo for Kids

8. Even on cars, cowboys place bull horns, and on the number plate they write the name of their ranch

9. Waiting for the start of annual competitions on the Oskie Rice of Maui

10. Cowboys support their wives. About 4 thousand spectators come to such a large-scale action.

11. Cowboys from all over the world (from China, the Philippines, Portugal, Japan) come to the Panaewa Stampede Rodeo rodeo

12. Before the competition, young cowboys warm up in the hope of receiving a major prize

13. And after a working day, cowboys arrange dances

14. The climate in Hawaii is quite mild, but all the same, unpleasant weather happens. But despite the rain, cowboys drive cattle for castration and immunization

15. Every cowboy always has a knife on his belt that is used to quickly cut the ropes. After all, at any moment a horse or a bull can drag, or simply get lost in them.

16. Jamie Dauusett is already 85 years old, but he continues to work with cattle and would like to stay in the field as long as possible

17. An amazing mix of past and future – cattle graze among modern windmills.

18. Parker Ranch is the largest ranch in the United States and the oldest in Hawaii. Now his workers are driving a herd of 800 animals to wean the calves from the cows.

19. Hawaiian cowboy.

20. Jamie Douuset is engaged in his horses.

21. Before releasing horses to pastures, they are treated with a mosquito repellent.

22. Cowboys children are constantly on the ranch under the supervision of adults

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