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Cattle Photos

Below, was our 1st herd sire, Felix, from the famous Globe Magnum bloodlines. "Snoop" was well-known, especially for docility, and his testicular size/verility, plus he produced great grass "get."


Great genetics, along with good grass management practices = great beef for your customers, and a better financial bottomline for you.

Cattle Roaming

Below, are some recent "get" out of our Clarence's Dream sire, Justin

Herd Eating In Winter

Our original female seed-stock were out of an old type Black Galloway, Rough-Rider Homer. A bull with a great carcass, and good-doing characteristics. Further refinements/improvements have been made in our she-stock string, by adding Felix and Justin to the genetic mix, over the last dozen years. Some line-breeding is occuring in our herd, to develop closer genetic "ties" to these great sires.

Female Bull