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Pastured Pork

Partnering with other rotational graziers in the area, provides Cattleana Ranch the opportunity to offer you Pastured Pork.

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Pigs do eat pasture!

Pigs Eating Grass

Pastured pigs are vitamin enriched — naturally.

Pigs raised on pasture have 300 percent more vitamin E and 74 percent more selenium (a vital antioxidant) in their milk than pigs raised in confinement, according to Don C. Mahan Professor of Animal Sciences at Ohio State University. This bounty of nutrients promotes healthier litters, shorter farrowing times, and good milk let down. The pigs' meat is enriched with vitamins as well. Fortifying the pigs' diet with synthetic vitamins, the standard practice in confinement operations, does not achieve the same results because the artificial vitamins are more poorly absorbed. (Mutetikka, D.B., and D.C. Mahan, 1993. Effect of pasture, confinement, and diet fortification with vitamin E and selenium on reproducing gilts and their progeny. J. Anim. Sci. 71:3211.)

Our hogs are raised seasonally, on pasture. The addition feed is NON GMO, and does not contain any soy. All of the processed products contain NO MSG, Gluten, or Nitrites