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Cattleana Ranch Newsletter April 17, 2010

Welcome to the spring newsletter from Cattleana Ranch.

Although the weather has been nice (at times), the 2 inches of rain and snow did put the spring vegetable planting back a bit. I was, however, able to get the spring Carrots, Beets and Kohlrabi in prior to the rain. The new High Tunnel has arrived and the plan is to put it up next week. The tomatoes, peppers, and basil are all ready to be put in the high tunnel.

The first calves were born last week - with many more to go. Check out the new photo section of our website. I will try to post new pictures as the season progresses.

Interest in Grass-fed meats continues to grow. We are now in food stores from Fond du Lac to Appleton. Cattleana Ranch is one of a very few who has now meet the requirement by the USDA to label our Beef 100% Grass-fed. Please be aware that many vendors use the term Grass-fed, but don't meet the definition of grass-fed. They are not putting the animal of fresh, green pasture as they should, or supplement with grain. Our USDA affidavit regarding our feeding practices is on our website. After reviewing it, you will see there is much more to Grass-fed and as we like to say "Beyond Organic".

Finally, I would like to direct you to some new brochures explaining pasture raised products. Most people don't realize that Wisconsin's largest growing agricultural segment is pasture based animal raising. We here about the mega farms, and need to expose the public to this environment and people healthy practice. Our hidden treasure. Please pass the work and support the farmers that practice Grass Farming. Visit This website. Pay special attention to the Consumer Information.