Rare minutes of rest at the ranch
He was taken to Lincoln, accompanied by heavy security. Lawyers feared that someone would try to save Billy, but there was no one to save him - all his close…

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Wild West Saloons
A winged door saloon is a traditional interior element of saloons that existed in the Wild West and are now pleasing to the eye on the territory of western films.…

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Real cowboys
There were also the protection of the wagons of immigrants from the attacking Indians, the attack of criminals on the stage coach or the robbery of the train. More than…

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during the ensuing

The story of Joaquin Murieta

The story of Joaquin Murieta and his fellow criminals began, later glorified as heroes of resistance to American expansion.

Arrows of the Wild West. Sheriffs, bandits, cowboys, gunfighters
California gangster. Hood. F. Remington

In December 1850, the gang dealt its first blow. At night, twelve people attacked the John Marsh ranch. During the robbery, they killed one man, but saved the life of two others. The bandits made a mistake, leaving witnesses, and in their subsequent raids they tried not to make such mistakes. Ten days after the robbery of the Marsha ranch, a gang seized the Digby Smith ranch. After the three people in the house let themselves be tied, two of them had their skulls cut open, and the third was cut off. Leaving, the self-satisfied bandits burned down the ranch. In February, they again attempted to commit a robbery, but were repelled by well-armed wakeiro. Continue reading