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Herd Bull Justin:

92" Long, 53" in height, Frame Score 3.5,

a ton in weight

Justin Herd Bull

Herd Bull Justin is from the Clarence's Dream Line (Grandfather),

Holt Ranch Kansas.

In 1968, Clarence's Dream get were gain tested at the Schuyler Nebraska test station. They out-gained all other British Breeds! Off-spring offered for sale in 1969, had rib eye measurements up to 15 square inches and backfat of .030 per carcass cwt.

In 2004 three Cattleana Grass-fed yearling bulls (750# – 875#), sired by Justin, were untrasound tested
by Allen Williams PhD, with the following results:

Ribeye Shape Score (RES):

Cattleana Yearling Bulls —  .53 | .56 | .61

Indicative of the shape of the ribeye muscle. This is highly correlated to Carcass Cutability, Yield Grade, and Gain Efficiency. Ribeye Shape Score ranges from 0.0 to 1.0. . Scores of 0.5 to 0.65 are good for mature bulls, while a score of 0.65 or greater is considered ideal.


Cattleana Yearling Bulls.10 | .09 | .09

Less waste fat, more usable meat.

Ribeye Size (REA Sq Inches):

Cattleana Yearling Bulls8.2 | 11.0 | 9.0

At finishing (18-24 months) high quality beef carcasses will have 10 square inches or greater. These yearling bulls will all easily exceed 10 square inches of ribeye.

IMF (Marbling):

Cattleana Yearling Bulls2.55 | 2.50 | 3.30

Highly correlated to actual Marbling Score at harvest. IMF should only be compared within contemporary group due to differences in development nutritional regimes. Testicular development in bulls can have an impact on actual expression of IMF. Animals should have a minimum IMF by date of harvest of 3.5.

TEND (Tenderness Score):

Cattleana Yearling Bulls20 | 2223

Highly correlated to actual Warner-Bratzler Shear Force value. Score ranges from 1-5 (10-50). 10 = Very Tender; 20 = Tender; 30 = Slightly Tender; 40 = Slightly Tough; 50 = Tough. Recommend score of 28 or less in yearling bulls for acceptable eating experience in harvest age animals. A score of 25 or less produces a great eating experience!

Stress (Stress Score):

Cattleana Yearling Bulls101010

Highly correlated to Treatment Costs, ADG tenderness and Total Cost of Gain. Indicative of immune system strength in an individual animal. Scores range from 1-5 (10-50). 10 = No Stress; 20 = Slight Stress; 30 = Moderate Stress; 40 = Slightly Severe Stress; 50 = Severe Stress. Recommend a score of 25 or less. Animals scoring greater than 25 have a tendency to experience health and performance problems.